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Kriengsak Niratpattanasai's Thailand Tales

Thailand tales

Thailand Tales' columnist Kriengsak resigned in 2002 to become a columnist for the Bangkok Post. As of June 2003, we welcome enquiries from others wishing to take over the Thailand Tales columnist role.

New  Jai and Thai - Managing the Thai heart
(September 2001)

Survey: Expatriate Perceptions of Thai-Foreigner Business Management Relationships
(July 2001)

Survey: Thai Perceptions of Thai-Foreigner Business Management Relationships
(June 2001)

Tips for Thais on working with foreigners
(March 2001)

Thais and Planning
A management case study.
(February 2001)

How Sanjeef got the message across
More on management communication in Thailand.
(January 2001)

Special Edition: Thais and foreigners
An interview with Dr Chira Hongladarom.
(November 2000)

Sales Management in Thailand
(September 2000)

How Thais make the visible invisible!
(August 2000)

Behind the Smiles
(July 2000)

Hai-kiat (Giving Respect)
(June 2000)

The new kid in town
(May 2000)

Pee-Nong and the Older Brother
(April 2000)

Catching up with Kriengsak Niratpattanasai, author of Thailand Tales
(April 2000)

Even the Thai Manager can go Wrong
(April 2000)

Winning the Thai's Heart
(March 2000)

Understanding Thai Hospitality
(March 2000)

Advice for Expats Working with Thais
(February 2000)

More on Working with Thais
(February 2000)

Kreng Jai and Promises, Promises
(January 2000)

The Bangkok Sky Train and Mai Pen Rai
(January 2000)

Evolution of Thai management post-crisis: (Part Three of Three)
(December 1999/January 2000)

Evolution of Thai management post-crisis: (Part Two of Three)
(October/November 1999)

Evolution of Thai management post-crisis: (Part One of Three)
(August to September 1999)

Thai nicknames and the colors of the days
(June to July 1999)

Leave SABAI-SABAI till later
(April to May 1999)

The Monk's Tale: Advanced Personal Management
(February to March 1999)

Thai means freedom
(November/December 1998)

Pointers for expatriates working in China
(September/October 1998)

Thailand Tales in Action #2

Thai wedding customs for overseas visitors
(May/June 1998)

Thailand Best Practice
(April 1998)

Thailand Tales in action
(February/March 1998)

Business partners in Thailand
(January 1998)

Looking Back... the first year of Thailand Tales....
(December 1997)

Some Thai characteristics: Background for foreign colleagues
(November 1997)

Thai Team Building: A Challenge for Thai Management
(October 1997)

Tips on how to gain respect from Thai colleagues with very little effort: Feet, touching, and the Thai parable of Ko Nan (Nan the cow)
(September 1997)

Managing in economic downturn: Some ideas for Thai companies
(August 1997)

More on improving your relationships with Thais
(July 1997)

Improving your relationships with Thais
(June 1997)

Why many Thais have a long surname; Electrical adaptors in Thailand
(May 1997)

Effective planning, controlling, leading, staffing, and organizing in Thailand
(April 1997)

Thai business & planning, sequencing, & business dining
(March 1997)

Thai culture and the implications for business
(February 1997)

Kriengsak Niratpattanasai Thai Danu Bank Bangkok Thailand

Kriengsak was one of the Asian Business Strategy & Street Intelligence Ezine's earliest columnists and continues to provide some of the most savvy advice on the Net on working in Thailand. His down to earth advice from years of working with falang and locals mixed with local folkstories continues to delight and inform. Click on Kriengsak's picture to learn more about our great friend and colleague. Kriengsak Niratpattanasai: Bangkok, Thailand About Kriengsak - Thailand Market Capsule - Other Columnists

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