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APMF surveys combine real time quantitative results with validated final reports incorporating qualitative input (text comments etc.), demographic data and analysis of validity, reliability, and utility. While the initiative is still developing, we hope to create highly valid and useful data using the best of both quantitative and qualitative methodology merged with the advantages of an on-line environment.

APMF Surveys are used to incorporate views from our readership within the content of the APMF - a highly educated and professional group of managers, researchers, professionals and academics, making the APMF, true to it's name, more of a forum rather than a traditional one-way source of information. Topics cover the Asian economies, market research, opinion, business and management practice, and human resources and organizational development.

Even though on-line surveys can never reach the standards of validity and reliability possible with many other data-collection and sampling methods, several procedures incorporated in the methodology help to reduce problems relating to response stuffing, sample bias, and spurious or motivationally-distorted responses. These include use of cookies, IP checking, demographic data collection, and human intervention in both analysis and sample verification. The Asia Pacific Management Forum runs several on-going plus time-restricted surveys with final results analysed and validated by the market research division of Asian strategic business consulting group Orient Pacific Century.

Current surveys

Entry PageReal-Time ResultsFinal/ongoing Analysis
Asia country prospects
Feb to April 1999
Survey completedAsia country prospects
Guanxi Survey
April to August 2000
Survey completedGuanxi Survey
Great Asian Brands
Commenced late 1999
Real-Time ResultsMonthly Ranking and Comments
APMF Occasional survey
Changes according to current issues. At present - Asia Pacific Business Confidence Survey (commencing mid September 2000)
Real-Time ResultsFinal Analysis
Best Places in the Asia Pacific
Commenced late 1998 - Best hotels, places, restaurants, bars, airlines, airports, guest houses, hawker centers
No Real-Time Results at presentOn-going Monthly Ranking and Comments

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